Monday, November 3, 2008

Ketek and Respiratory Problems

There are risks with using Ketek for respiratory ailments.

Having little trouble breathing? That's ok. You have your handy prescription ready. So just take another pill. After all, if one pill works fine then two or three would prove even better, correct? Well, of course not....

Even the most benign medication can prove to be dangerous if it is not taken properly. Often, people will make the accurate assessment that if they take more of a particular drug and they will get a more beneficial can result. Of course, if the drug was safe and higher dosages then the physician would prescribe it in such dosages. The reason they do not is because of the danger. Remember, your body must metabolize any medicine that it takes. Drugs are metabolized in the liver and if the liver is exposed to dangerously high amounts of a drug then damage to the liver may result.

In the case of the antibiotic Ketek, there always comes a risk of liver toxicity when ingesting the drug. This danger can occur even when taking the normal dosage of the antibiotic. Taking excess amounts of the drug can prove even more catastrophic. This is why it is important for a physician to explicitly spell out the dangers and potential side effects associated with the drug.

Just handing a patient the manufacturer's published information on how to take the drug is not enough. The doctor should clearly spell out to a patient all the risks associated with any medication that is prescribed. For example, many people would not take a drug if they knew there were liver problems associated with the drug. Also, is important at the patient understands what would be a dangerous amount of the drug to ingest. If a doctor does not make sure a patient understands this then the doctor might very well be liable for any adverse affects that occur. In such an instance, they would be beneficial to seek the council of an experienced Ketek lawyer.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ketek Side Effects

Ketek can cause a number of complications and side effects.

Problems with respiratory ailments are incredibly serious matter. The respiratory system, of course, deals with the body's ability to receive oxygen. When you have difficulty breathing and respiratory system is suffering from maladies, every waking second of the day becomes interminable. That is why infections of the respiratory system are so difficult to endure. Thankfully, a multitude of antibiotics to combat respiratory infections have been developed. Of course, for these antibiotics to be successful, they must actually work and most definitely should not be so flawed to reduce the quality of a person's life. However, with the antibiotic drug Ketek the exact opposite result occurs. Rather than guarantee the healing of the respiratory system, Ketek can actually cause other problems; namely it can cause damage to a liver. This is quite frightening because liver damage can result in death.

Then, there are those who take this antibiotic and do not suffer any adverse effects. This is why the drug is still available on the market. Additionally, the negative side effects of the drug do not magically appear overnight. In some cases, the adverse effects are slow to develop and the presence of these adverse effects may reveal themselves ever so slightly over a period of time. Therefore, it is critical that anyone who is injecting the drug should be aware of some of these common side effects.

The common side effects of adverse reactions to the antibiotic may include the following: yellowing of the skin or eyes, excessive nausea, cramps in the abdominal region, blood in the urine, and dizziness. So, anyone who is taking this drug and feels these particular symptoms should immediately consult with their physician. A serious condition might be developing and it would be critical to seek medical help as soon as possible. Afterwards, it may be best to seek a meeting with an attorney to discuss any legal options you may have available since the problems you face are the result of a defective drug.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Ketek: A Case Study in Preventive Deterrence

Ketek lawsuits can aid in preventing future instances of product negligence.

Why do people file a Ketek lawsuit? Such a question betrays a lack of understanding on both the harm Ketek can cause as well as a lack of understanding of the benefits of such a lawsuit. When you understand why these lawsuits are filed in depth, people gain a greater understanding of the importance of filing these types of negligence suits. There is more to these Ketek lawsuits than merely collecting damages. The true complexity of these lawsuits is revealed upon closer examination.

This is not to degrade the benefits of receiving financial compensation. If a person suffers adverse health effects as the result of a flawed product there will be significant medical costs associated with care. Since it was the pharmaceutical company that created the flawed product the pharmaceutical company should pay the damages. Again, financial compensation is the main goal of filing a lawsuit but it not the only reason. Sometimes, it is not even the most important reason either.

Lawsuits and class action lawsuits also perform a service of preventive deterrence.

Let’s say, the disastrous outcome may be prevented from occurring again since punitive measures would be the end result. One of the main problems with Ketek was flawed testing. Of course, the end result was that the manufacturer of the drug has been sued numerous times. While nothing can be done to reverse the harm caused by the drug, the lawsuits set the foundation for eliminating future problems in other drugs. If flawed testing leads to lawsuits and lawsuits lead to significant financial judgments then the pharmaceutical companies will probably not repeat the same mistakes of flawed testing in the future well.

At least, we can hope not.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Retaining a Ketek Attorney

For a ketek lawsuit, you will need an attorney who understands the complexities associated with Ketek cases.

Specialization is important in any endeavor. While having a general understanding of a subject is helpful in a peripheral sense, expertise in a particular area is often more helpful when it comes to performance.

The person injured by this flawed antibiotic might assume that they can win any case hands down simply because they are a victim of neglect. Well, if all it took to prove the merits of the case was to show that the individual ingested the drug then there would not be the need for a lawsuit. One could simply sign up to receive a settlement claim. Obviously, this is not how it works. There are far more complexities to winning and injury claim than merely just stating you have been injured. So, people who have been injured as a result of taking a flawed drug whether it is Ketek, Digoxin, etc. assume their case is cut and dry. This is flawed logic at its very worst because it bleeds into the individual's decision to hire an attorney.

That is, they assume that since their case is so easy to win they can hire the first lawyer they find or the cheapest attorney on the market. Well, that is their prerogative but they may discover the facts of reality the hard way. No case is easy to win no matter how much merit there is on the basis for the case. This is what is critical to have the best attorney.

A solid and talented attorney who has experience in a particular field will yield the greatest results. Such an attorney has a deeper understanding of the nuances required winds such a case. Therefore, one should never underestimate the need for an experience and qualified attorney when filing a Ketek related suit.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Research Problems and Ketek

Flawed research created the Ketek disaster.

It goes without saying that the drug makes its way to the market with the intended purpose of increasing the quality of people's lives. This is why when the drug yields the exact opposite effect many people wonder why such a problem happened. In the case of the antibiotic Ketek, many in the public are curious as to how a drug that is supposed to cure respiratory infections ends up causing liver damage. The answer is shocking. Basically, falsified information and poor testing was among the reasons this dangerous drug made its way to the marketplace. Again, this is no joke. One of the physicians involved with the flawed testing is currently serving a sentence in federal prison as a result of such actions.

While the pharmaceutical companies generally do a great job delivering on what they promise, pharmaceutical companies are not sentient beings. They are comprised of human beings who have all the flaws of being a human being. That means errors, oversights and even falsified information may find their way to test results. No, this does not happen very often but it does happen. In the case of Ketek, it happened with very tragic results as a potentially harmful product made its way to the public.

So, why does this happen?

Ultimately, those who work in pharmaceutical companies must deliver results in order to keep their job. Products must be released to the marketplace in order for the company to earn a profit. If the company's not earning a profit it could damage the ability of the pharmaceutical company to raise investment capital. Sometimes, this can lead to cutting corners and poor products such as Ketek make it to the marketplace. This does not, however, absolve the company for any liability. Actually, it creates the basis for a negligence suit.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ketek and Pneumonia

Using Ketek to aid in pneumonia recovery can cause more harm than good.

Pneumonia is one of the most frightening lung and respiratory problems to contract. When the Muppets' creator Jim Henson passed away from complications related to pneumonia, a chill went up and down the spine of the world. It was when this icon passed away that many people realized that pneumonia related deaths are not a thing of the past. (Many had been lulled into thinking pneumonia is always easily treatable) Thankfully, however, there are helpful medications that can deal with respiratory problems associated with pneumonia. Even respiratory infections can be treated by many common prescription drugs. But, when a helpful drugs turns out to be dangerously problematic it is no surprise the public feels betrayed. Such is the case with Ketek, a drug designed to deal with respiratory infections that has turned out to be very problematic to say the least.

The main problem with Ketek is that is can prove to be highly toxic to the liver. This is a gravely serious condition…literally. If there is significant toxicity in the liver, liver damage may be the result. If the damage is severe enough then a transplant may be required. Of course, the need for a liver transplant would infer that the individual's very life is threatened. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that there are a number of lawsuits pending against Ketek.

Currently, Ketek is sold with a very clear warning label on its container. Part of the reason that a warning is deemed sufficient is that the number of fatalities associated with the drug has been low. Of course, there should not be any fatalities or complications. However, there have been enough adverse effects and fatalities to label Ketek a rather dangerous drug. This is why the manufacturers of Ketek can be held liable for any problems associated with taking Ketek.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Ketek - Telithromycine - File A Lawsuit?

Ketek has been found to have some serious side effects, especially because of the intake of wrong doses. These drugs can be more dangerous for the patients with Myasthenia Gravis.

Ketek May Have Some Serious Side Effects

Ketek is an antibiotic (Telithromycine) that is basically used to treat some drug-resistant bacterial infections, including some serious respiratory problems. However, Ketek has been more in news for its adverse reactions and side effects, which may include drug-induced hepatitis and even serious (irrecoverable) liver damage. Some other possible side effects may also include diarrhea, vomiting, dizziness, headache, and nausea. Those who have been affected adversely because of its use may file a lawsuit.

However, you are recommended to talk with your doctor about taking precautions while you are taking Ketek. It is always better to discuss with your physician about the possible side effects of the drug. However, it is been found that the main reason of the reported adverse reactions is the “wrong” use of this drug.

It is important for you to understand that Ketek brings effective results in case of respiratory infections caused by bacteria – not viruses. If the respiratory problem is because of some virus, Ketek may bring adverse results. After all, it is an antibiotic and no antibiotic kills viruses. Therefore, if you have been prescribed this medicine for viral infections and are harmed by the drug, you may be legally entitled to recover damages for your injuries caused by this drug.

According to some medical reports, patients with Myasthenia Gravis should take additional care while considering taking Ketek, as this drug may worsen the symptoms. Discuss this with your doctor if you are one of those patients who are taking Ketek. Your doctor will tell you if you should stop its intake.